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Daily Archives: March 14, 2011

Crazy Weekend

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WOW…what a crazy weekend we have had here on the coast. The earthquake in Japan fueled a Tsunami alert here on the West Coast which for us initially delayed school for 2 hours, just to be safe, and then just to be safer they closed school for the whole day. Ok so here I am with 2 unexpected kids home for the day, dad at work and I had homework to finish up for that night.

It took us a bit but we finally got a little routine going for the morning then I needed a break from my paper. any waves were expected in the morning hours about 7:30am so around noon the kids and I went for a little drive. We drove down to the jetty area and there were some pretty great looking swells but nothing that we would not have seen with a good storm coming in. We drove down on the beach for a bit and it was rather eery hardly any debris and no birds at all. Some of the waves looked cool but the under tow looked rough.

Friday night was bunco for me and Saturday I cleaned house for our Operation Fairy Godmother meeting, which is always so much fun and productive.

Sunday morning we served a breakfast at the convention center and by the time that was all finished and cleaned up, I was ready for bed. There was not an intelligent thought in my mind.

I am so glad that it is Monday and I can relax a bit and get back to normal.

Everyone have a great day.