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Do you ever just want to scream? Admit it there are times when you do, I know that I feel like that sometimes.

Like when you are driving the speed limit on a 2 lane road and someone decides to pass you and then flips you off. WTH Why should I get flipped off for being in the right? Goodness knows it doesn’t happen all that often.

When I am on the phone and someone decides that their question, fight, or problem is more important that the phone call that I am on. Hello, do you not see the phone up to my ear and hear me talking?!?! What do they think that I sit here and talk to myself and pretend I am on the phone?!?!

Or how about when you are loading the dishwasher and someone decides to bring in even more dirty dishes and they won’t even have the courtesy to scrape them first. Really…how would they like that if I did that to them?!

The one I really love is when there is no laundry in the laundry room and the kids come to me and state that they have no clothes. Well it usually helps if you would bring me clothes to wash.

Another favorite is “mom”, “mom”, “mom”….me: “what?” “I love you” She could not have just said “mom, I love you”   AAHHHHHH

How about when you get a phone call and are busy and you can’t get off the phone….then all of a sudden the caller announces that they have to go and they hang up. What????

How about when someone makes a plan with you then changes it at the last-minute or alters the plans to take up a different time when you had another plan. Do I not have a life??????

There are times that I am amazed at the crazy things that make me want to just scream and release all the tension. I don’t normally although there have been a few times but I usually try to combat these events with sarcasm regardless if they get it or not. If I decide to scream I have been told by my son that I don’t need to be so angry, my daughter cries, and my dear hubby is looking for happy pills for me.

It’s all good sometimes Mom is frustrated and has to vent and if the happy pills come in chocolate get me a months supply.

About Pam

I am a married mother of 2 great kids. My husband is a commercial fishermen in South East Alaska. Our oldest is Joey, he turned 12 in July, and then we have Veronica, she turned 9 in June. Life is an adventure that should be shared good and bad.

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