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And better than my greatest dreams I have a new gown, and pinned to the gown, as obviously, as noticeable as possible, is my new gold brooch given to me by the King of England himself.

That is the second sentance in the book that I am reading by Philippa Gregory, The Boleyn Inheritance, from the point of view of Katherine Howard at Greenwich Palace in 1540.

Hard to believe that the things that we take for granted were the greatest of pleasures during that era. They did not have the abundance of clothes that we all seem to have nor were there places to just go pick something out. Everything was made by hand by a seamstress. Incredible.

Today is John 3:16 Day…I did not even know that there was a day for that…honestly I thought everyday was a John 3:16 Day but I guess there is one day devoted to that verse.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (NIV, John 3:16) A plan for salvation for ALL people of the world. Every last one of us. Amazing. Not sure if I could give my one and only son to save everyone else. I don’t think that God even really had to ponder his plan. It was foretold in the Old Testament and it came true in the New Testament.

I guess my point is that a sentance is a powerful thing…regardless if it is about getting a new dress or giving up your most precious creation, there is so much power in the words.

We need to heed our sentances sometimes. Words can be more powerful and more dangerous than a sword and even more costly.

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I am a married mother of 2 great kids. My husband is a commercial fishermen in South East Alaska. Our oldest is Joey, he turned 12 in July, and then we have Veronica, she turned 9 in June. Life is an adventure that should be shared good and bad.

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