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Have you ever noticed that some people can keep secrets and others cannot? Some of those people you never even really know that they have something to hide but then there are others that you can tell right away that there is something hidden underneath.

The best part about it is that there are a few people in my life that are so transparent and it is so funny. I have been known to keep secrets but I have also unintentionally spilled the beans without realizing what I was doing until it was too late.

Sometimes I think the greatest secret that we keep as parents have to do with the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus. Unfortunately we grow out of “believing” . My kids are split in the belief stage of life. The Tooth Fairy came out through kids that they know. The Easter Bunny has never been a super strong belief because we have always talked about the real reason that we celebrate Easter.

Santa Claus is a whole other story…they both know what we are celebrating during Christmas and they realize that gifts are given out of love and respect for others. So far we have been really good about presents being a surprise, which is good. There are times when we have gone shopping together and then split up. They understand that we buy gifts but they have been surprised every year with a family gift or something that I had already had told them was out of the price range…these come from Santa along with Christmas Stocking gifts…the little treasures of Christmas morning that give mom and dad a little time for coffee before chaos.

There are other secrets that we keep during certain times but I believe that these are the greatest secrets that we keep and we usually keep them for the longest. There are other secrets of life that come out over time…but really why grow up any faster than we really have too?!?!

About Pam

I am a married mother of 2 great kids. My husband is a commercial fishermen in South East Alaska. Our oldest is Joey, he turned 12 in July, and then we have Veronica, she turned 9 in June. Life is an adventure that should be shared good and bad.

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