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Crazy Weekend

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WOW…what a crazy weekend we have had here on the coast. The earthquake in Japan fueled a Tsunami alert here on the West Coast which for us initially delayed school for 2 hours, just to be safe, and then just to be safer they closed school for the whole day. Ok so here I am with 2 unexpected kids home for the day, dad at work and I had homework to finish up for that night.

It took us a bit but we finally got a little routine going for the morning then I needed a break from my paper. any waves were expected in the morning hours about 7:30am so around noon the kids and I went for a little drive. We drove down to the jetty area and there were some pretty great looking swells but nothing that we would not have seen with a good storm coming in. We drove down on the beach for a bit and it was rather eery hardly any debris and no birds at all. Some of the waves looked cool but the under tow looked rough.

Friday night was bunco for me and Saturday I cleaned house for our Operation Fairy Godmother meeting, which is always so much fun and productive.

Sunday morning we served a breakfast at the convention center and by the time that was all finished and cleaned up, I was ready for bed. There was not an intelligent thought in my mind.

I am so glad that it is Monday and I can relax a bit and get back to normal.

Everyone have a great day.


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It is amazing the impact a book can have on your life. You read a book and it can change your whole outlook on a situation or circumstance in an instant. Books can open our eyes to so many wonders that the world has to offer.

When asked what book has the greatest impact on my life I would have to truly say the Bible as a whole but certain Books within the Bible have had an even greater impact at different times. I enjoy the newness of Genesis and the trials of Exodus. I have always liked the story of David, a man with sin but of God, with sin and he still is able to find favor with God. I love that part.

I could probably name a great quality or theme in every book of the Bible but I won’t do that.

I will tell you that there have been many books that I have read over the years. I remember a book I read in either 5th or 6th grade called The Westing Game, I loved that book and read it until it fell apart. As I got older I read so many books that I have never kept track and I should have then I could have avoided reading some over again by mistake. I read a LaVyrle Spencer story called Morning Glory set in the south in the early days of WWII. That was another book that I read until it fell apart.

Lately I have been reading historical fiction, specifically set in the Tudor Reign of England. These are characters that you love and hate all at the same time. The books I have been reading are based on basic fact with the day-to-day details being fiction. I am not sure what it is about these books unless I just needed a break from the mysteries and such that I had been reading.

I have gotten the kids really reading again. My daughter is reading The Princess Diaries and my son is almost done with Prince Caspian then he will start the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I love having them read…reading will take them anywhere they want to go and beyond.

Favorite Characters and Other Stuff

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Have you ever wanted to visit or talk to your favorite character? Not the actor or actress but the character they play.

Think about how often you yell at the tv about something. I can think of several favorite characters from books, movies, and tv. I have always like Gone With The Wind, I would love to talk to Scarlet O’Hara, not the movie Scarlet but the novel character. She was strong and feminine all at the same time. Truly a women ahead of her time.

I have seen some great movies but part of me would want to talk to Princess Leah and ask her what is up with that hair…I mean really now. There are so many great characters in so many great movies.

The other day I actually got stuck watching some daytime TV while getting my nails done. I have not watch a soap opera since…wow I can’t really remember it may have been when I was pregnant with Joey. The funny thing is the plots are still the same. Everyone is still sleeping with everyone else, they hate each other, they are suing each other, cat fights, you name it and it was there in the 20 minutes that I was stuck watching. Sometimes they make you want to reach into the tv and smack them.

What really amazes me about daytime tv is that the plot never changes only the characters. It doesn’t matter what channel you are on either. I would rather watch game shows. Speaking of game shows before the soap came on The Price is Right was on…now there was no Bob Barker but Drew Carey but the audience still looked like they were back in the day. The only difference was the host and the prizes were modern but even the audiences clothes looked like they were from the late 70’s.

I saw that a friend of a friend had posted a comment that daytime tv sucks your brain cells out and I can certainly see why.


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So the topic given was…what are some of your favorite slang words? Which are overused?

Wow…ok…do I know any slang anymore? Off the top of my head I cannot think of any slang words really. But I can tell you that there are many words that are so overused. The great “F-Bomb” is so overused lately here. It is used as an adjective, noun, adverb, verb…you name it. I am amazed at how that word can be used.

I think of George Carlin and his list of 7 words that you cannot say on television and then think about what we do hear on tv now. True they bleep out the F-Bomb but not really anything less. At night it really isn’t that safe to let your kids watch some channels. Cartoons at night are for adults.

Kids change the words that they use so frequently that I really don’t think that adults are meant to keep up with them or even to know what they are saying. I suppose that text language could be considered a form of slang but there are times that they change with the times.

My personal overused word is ‘whatever’. It means everything and nothing all at the same time. I have used it to get someone to leave me alone, stop talking, tell them off…any number of ways. It is all in the tone of voice.

X-Ray Vision

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Ok … so the topic put out there today was, if you could have x-ray vision would you want it or not and why or why not?

I have to tell you that I would not want x-ray vision. I have no desire to see through ANYTHING. You never know what you could see my accident and there are just somethings that are better left unseen. There are many images that we don’t want stuck in our minds for even the briefest of moments.

Think about it from the other point of view…we would have no privacy anymore and we value our privacy so much. Kids already lose too much of their innocence do they really need to lose every last bit of it?!

I also believe that somethings are better left to the imagination because our imaginations can be so much better than the real thing. There also some things that place in life that are better left to one’s self…TOO MUCH INFORMATION.

I would certainly not like to have x-ray vision and I would really like to know who does so I can stay clear of them.

Better Safe than Sorry

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Sometimes we just need to be better safe than sorry…especially when we are talking about personal safety. When it comes to personal safety I would much rather be safe than sorry later on.

Better Sorry than Safe…sometimes though the opposite is how we need to roll. There are other times we just need to let caution go by the way side, this is usually when I speak my mind or my piece about something. There have been several times that I have been sorry that I had to say what needed to be said and I have lived with the consequences. Unfortunately there are times in our lives when we need to speak out whether for ourselves or for someone else.

It hurts like crazy when you have to speak out and tell a friend they are being an idiot but a true friend will still do it. It also hurts both parties when you have to speak out about family anything…it never fails there are always hurt feelings but sometimes leaving things unsaid is not in everyone’s best interest.

There have also been those times, especially as a mom, that I have told the kids not to do something because they were going to get hurt and sure enough that is what happened. I figured out pretty earlier with my first child that I could not protect him forever but it wasn’t for lack of trying.

Sometimes we all choose to err on the side of caution and other times we just need to get a good grip and jump.

The Currency Tree

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Ok so if I could have a tree that grew anything I wanted there is that one part that would want it to grow money. Of course there is that other part that doesn’t want to be so materialist but let’s face it money is important and there never seems to be enough to last.

I would not want never-ending or instant grow because then greed gets involved and we all know that greed leads to so many other sins that are far more dangerous. It would be nice if the tree could just help fill in the gaps or blooms when there is a serious need. By serious need I mean like the car breaks down and something has to happen serious kind of need. If it could bloom like a savings account is supposed to that would be great too.

I think that it should also bloom into different denominations in an unpredicable pattern so that you could never rely on it to save your butt when you do something foolish.

The title comes from an old joke with my mother-in-law. We were camping at the property, which was the middle of no where, in the trailer and I commented that something needed to soften before I could use it, for a recipe, she told me that I could put it in the microwave that is plugged into the currency bush. I will tell you that I stopped and actually looked for the microwave before I caught on.