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Those wonderful “aha!” moments can come when we least expect them to. They come in the middle of the night, at least for me at times, wake me up and then that is the only thing running through my mind and I can’t get back to sleep. They come in the middle of washing dishes when I can’t write it down and then they are gone…those are some of the ones that come back in the middle of the night. They come when I am working on homework in one subject and all of a sudden the work from my other subject pops into my head and then I think I finally understand it. These are the times when I try to do two things at the same time, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

There are also those “aha!” moments when you realize that someone really didn’t mean their last comment as a compliment after all…backhanded to say the least. There are moments when you realize that you are not sure exactly what you see in another person. There is the moment when you realize that the person everyone is talking about is actually you.

Not all “Aha!” moments are good moments but there are funny moments as well. Like the moment you realize that you left something in the oven and it is burnt to a crisp and smoke is billowing out of the oven door. Usually happens when the kids need something and I get distracted.

There are the wonderful “Aha!” moments when I child finally gets something they have been struggling with like math or reading…it is truly like you see the light bulb come on over their head. This is one of my favorite moments. Just like the look the kids get when they look outside expecting rain and notice for the first time that it is snowing or in the spring or early summer when they walk into the ocean for the first time that season…Aha, that’s cold, but with udder glee on their faces.

I love the look someones face when they actually get what you were trying to tell them without everyone listening or hearing…the art of passing information without benefit of words. These moments whether good or bad teach us something and when we realize that is when we each have our very own “Aha!”