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Wackiest Advice

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Have you ever listened to some of the advice people give out? If you do you have probably laughed a few times after the fact. I have been trying to think of one and it is hard. Think about all the times you have had the hiccups and everything you are told to do to get rid of them. Hold your nose and drink a glass of water…I thought I was going to drown. Everytime someone has ever tried to scare them out of me they get worse.

I remember when Joey was a baby, he was my first so everyone had advice for me. He is a summer baby and I was told the rule of thumb was to dress the baby like I would dress for the weather. Well here is was 98 degrees out and I was critized at the store for having my baby in a oneies, socks, with a light blanket…I was in a tank top and shorts and flip flops. I remember when he was colicky and boy did the advice fly then but most of that was good and helped. The worse advice I got when he was a baby was that as his head started to peel to gently scrub at it to loosen the skin…well not only did that loosen the skin but all the hair too. I was ok with that until my brother and sister came over and offered to go get him some rogaine…not too funny then but it sure can make me laugh now. When my daughter was a baby and got gas my mom-in-law put a piece of candy cane in a bottle of water and that helped her tummy calm down…that was great advice.