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It is amazing the impact a book can have on your life. You read a book and it can change your whole outlook on a situation or circumstance in an instant. Books can open our eyes to so many wonders that the world has to offer.

When asked what book has the greatest impact on my life I would have to truly say the Bible as a whole but certain Books within the Bible have had an even greater impact at different times. I enjoy the newness of Genesis and the trials of Exodus. I have always liked the story of David, a man with sin but of God, with sin and he still is able to find favor with God. I love that part.

I could probably name a great quality or theme in every book of the Bible but I won’t do that.

I will tell you that there have been many books that I have read over the years. I remember a book I read in either 5th or 6th grade called The Westing Game, I loved that book and read it until it fell apart. As I got older I read so many books that I have never kept track and I should have then I could have avoided reading some over again by mistake. I read a LaVyrle Spencer story called Morning Glory set in the south in the early days of WWII. That was another book that I read until it fell apart.

Lately I have been reading historical fiction, specifically set in the Tudor Reign of England. These are characters that you love and hate all at the same time. The books I have been reading are based on basic fact with the day-to-day details being fiction. I am not sure what it is about these books unless I just needed a break from the mysteries and such that I had been reading.

I have gotten the kids really reading again. My daughter is reading The Princess Diaries and my son is almost done with Prince Caspian then he will start the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I love having them read…reading will take them anywhere they want to go and beyond.

Favorite Characters and Other Stuff

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Have you ever wanted to visit or talk to your favorite character? Not the actor or actress but the character they play.

Think about how often you yell at the tv about something. I can think of several favorite characters from books, movies, and tv. I have always like Gone With The Wind, I would love to talk to Scarlet O’Hara, not the movie Scarlet but the novel character. She was strong and feminine all at the same time. Truly a women ahead of her time.

I have seen some great movies but part of me would want to talk to Princess Leah and ask her what is up with that hair…I mean really now. There are so many great characters in so many great movies.

The other day I actually got stuck watching some daytime TV while getting my nails done. I have not watch a soap opera since…wow I can’t really remember it may have been when I was pregnant with Joey. The funny thing is the plots are still the same. Everyone is still sleeping with everyone else, they hate each other, they are suing each other, cat fights, you name it and it was there in the 20 minutes that I was stuck watching. Sometimes they make you want to reach into the tv and smack them.

What really amazes me about daytime tv is that the plot never changes only the characters. It doesn’t matter what channel you are on either. I would rather watch game shows. Speaking of game shows before the soap came on The Price is Right was on…now there was no Bob Barker but Drew Carey but the audience still looked like they were back in the day. The only difference was the host and the prizes were modern but even the audiences clothes looked like they were from the late 70’s.

I saw that a friend of a friend had posted a comment that daytime tv sucks your brain cells out and I can certainly see why.

Sleep or Lack Thereof

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Oh there are many nights that I have trouble sleeping. There was a point when I would fall asleep around 10pm only to wake up at 2am and stay awake til 3-3:30am. Lately I have not fallen asleep until anywhere between 11 and midnight or even later if I really get sucked into a book or a movie.

My mom said that in our 40’s we are full of energy…not sure that it is energy but it is something.

I will fall asleep and then I end up waking up still and have spent up to 2 hours awake. When that happens I can easily sleep until 8 am or later.

What keeps we awake? My books at times…they really suck me in and I have woken up wanting to find out what happens next. I have an occasional nightmare or that “falling” sensation that startles me awake. I suffer from heartburn and that wakes me up many nights so I have to walk around, take some tums, prop up my pillows so I am practically sitting up to hopefully fall back to sleep before day light. Sometimes I think that I stress about things I have no control over in my life while I am sleeping and that causes my heartburn.

I think I have control issues…there is no control when we are sleeping and I guess I don’t like that. I have been known to stay up too late watching a movie and then I start thinking about it. Maybe I just think too much. Is that truly possible? Probably, but is thinking too much a bad thing? I guess that would depend on how we put our thoughts to use after the fact.

I think I will think on this some more and get back to you….