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Bravery comes in many different shapes and sizes. I have seen the brave faces of my children wave to the airplane that carried their dad to a combat zone. I watched those same little people face new things head on with only mom to guide them. I have watched my dear son handle the rigors of his broken leg and trying to just be a kid. I have watched my darling daughter be the only girl on a soccer team. I have experienced my mom with her many knee replacements just keep on fighting.

We all can remember the brave men and women in New York on September 11th…probably an image that we will never forget. We have seen the faces of the soldiers coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan, as we have witnessed the bravery of the families of those that were killed in action. Watching the families learn to cope with a missing family member either temporarily or permanently.

Sometimes the most ordinary event to one person can be the bravest thing to another. Watching a young child walk into a classroom for the very first time can be one of the bravest acts in that child’s life to date. Watching our children learn to handle themselves without our constant guidance is a form of bravery as well. Watching a person tackle their problems or just to stand up and admit that they have a problem takes a lot of bravery.

There are many events in history that are true acts of bravery but are not recognized for being brave. We have all seen the pictures of Jackie Kennedy in the car when her husband was shot and killed, I think that she displayed such bravery at that time. Many times we put on our “brave face” to go out and do what we need to do but inside we are very fearful.

There were times in history that if you came out as a follower of Jesus or a Christian you were condemned. Think of the bravery that was shown then as the followers made themselves known over and over again. As I think of bravery I also cannot help but think of Jesus as he was waiting for his arrest. Waiting for them to come, that is brave.