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How to define a friend? Friends have many different qualities but not always all of the same qualities at the same time. There are the friends that you know you can cry with and they will cry for you. There are the friends that you know you can share anything with and they will never judge you. You should have friends that you know you can laugh with and just have fun. We should all have a least one friend that will just tell it like it is.

Our friends are not necessarily the center of our lives especially as we have families of our own but they should certainly be an extension of our lives. Here were we live we meet friends through so many different activities. If you are a parent, you will naturally meet other parents and become friends over time. If you go to church you meet a whole other group of friends. Of course you meet friends at work, the store, or any of the gathering places that are frequented.

When I look at my Facebook friends list, I notice that I have 160 friends, many of which are family or extended family not to mention new-found family that keeps growing, but many other are the friends that I have made here in town through work or the kids. I never add anyone to my Facebook lightly or just because we have a ton of friends in common. I have a few friends that are friends of friends that requested to be my friend and I am ok with that. I have some new friends that I have so enjoyed meeting and sharing with. I have two friends that I have known the longest, one from the 3rd-4th grade and then lost contact with until Facebook. The other friend was one of my first friends when I started a new school in the 5th grade and we have been friends ever since even when we have lost and refound that same friendship.

So what to look for in a friend. I look for someone who I enjoy talking to or spending time with, we should have something in common but not everything, somebody that accepts me with all my faults like I would do right back. A friend should be encouraging or motivating. A friend should be someone who you would not mind seeing you at your worse as well as your best and everything in between. Somebody that will tell you it is time to put on your big girl panties and get right back in the game.

There is that saying that says a good friend would bail you out of jail but a true friend would be right next to you saying, ‘damn that was fun!’