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Time Off

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Had to take a little time off for personal reasons. Part of that was that I was struggling with the writing process.

Well spring has come to the Pacific Northwest and the difference between spring and winter is that the rain is a little warmer. I really shouldn’t complain we have had some beautiful weather soaking up some Vitamin S (sun). Have had windows open a couple of different times this last week…need to get the fresh air in and the winter air out.

The kids started their spring break so they will be home all next week so we have begun the never-ending stream of friends through the house for part of a day or for the night. Have to admit I really don’t mind. Some of their friends you can’t even tell that someone is here.

Started some spring cleaning yesterday with my closet…what a mess. I have a couple of other areas that we will be tackling this week…the kids always enjoy housework. LOL

Think I will check out the breakfast situation. Happy Sunday All!!!


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Have you ever noticed that some people can keep secrets and others cannot? Some of those people you never even really know that they have something to hide but then there are others that you can tell right away that there is something hidden underneath.

The best part about it is that there are a few people in my life that are so transparent and it is so funny. I have been known to keep secrets but I have also unintentionally spilled the beans without realizing what I was doing until it was too late.

Sometimes I think the greatest secret that we keep as parents have to do with the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus. Unfortunately we grow out of “believing” . My kids are split in the belief stage of life. The Tooth Fairy came out through kids that they know. The Easter Bunny has never been a super strong belief because we have always talked about the real reason that we celebrate Easter.

Santa Claus is a whole other story…they both know what we are celebrating during Christmas and they realize that gifts are given out of love and respect for others. So far we have been really good about presents being a surprise, which is good. There are times when we have gone shopping together and then split up. They understand that we buy gifts but they have been surprised every year with a family gift or something that I had already had told them was out of the price range…these come from Santa along with Christmas Stocking gifts…the little treasures of Christmas morning that give mom and dad a little time for coffee before chaos.

There are other secrets that we keep during certain times but I believe that these are the greatest secrets that we keep and we usually keep them for the longest. There are other secrets of life that come out over time…but really why grow up any faster than we really have too?!?!


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Do you ever just want to scream? Admit it there are times when you do, I know that I feel like that sometimes.

Like when you are driving the speed limit on a 2 lane road and someone decides to pass you and then flips you off. WTH Why should I get flipped off for being in the right? Goodness knows it doesn’t happen all that often.

When I am on the phone and someone decides that their question, fight, or problem is more important that the phone call that I am on. Hello, do you not see the phone up to my ear and hear me talking?!?! What do they think that I sit here and talk to myself and pretend I am on the phone?!?!

Or how about when you are loading the dishwasher and someone decides to bring in even more dirty dishes and they won’t even have the courtesy to scrape them first. Really…how would they like that if I did that to them?!

The one I really love is when there is no laundry in the laundry room and the kids come to me and state that they have no clothes. Well it usually helps if you would bring me clothes to wash.

Another favorite is “mom”, “mom”, “mom”….me: “what?” “I love you” She could not have just said “mom, I love you”   AAHHHHHH

How about when you get a phone call and are busy and you can’t get off the phone….then all of a sudden the caller announces that they have to go and they hang up. What????

How about when someone makes a plan with you then changes it at the last-minute or alters the plans to take up a different time when you had another plan. Do I not have a life??????

There are times that I am amazed at the crazy things that make me want to just scream and release all the tension. I don’t normally although there have been a few times but I usually try to combat these events with sarcasm regardless if they get it or not. If I decide to scream I have been told by my son that I don’t need to be so angry, my daughter cries, and my dear hubby is looking for happy pills for me.

It’s all good sometimes Mom is frustrated and has to vent and if the happy pills come in chocolate get me a months supply.

Better With Age

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We will go back and listen to “they”…because “they” say that things get better with age. Do we honestly believe that because things do not necessarily get easier with age. I am by no means “old” but what is truly “old”?

I remember when I was 5 and my grandma was about 50 and I thought she was old. When my mom reached 50 I thought she was still young and now my oldest step-brother has turned 50 and he really isn’t old at all. I am 42 so truthfully 50 isn’t all that far away but I am not “old”. I have noticed that there are things that I cannot do as easy as I did when I was 30 but that happens. There are other things that I believe I have gotten better at….I can certainly hold my temper better but still not my tongue. I have more patience now then I did even 5 years ago. I think I am a better mom now than 5 years ago but my kids are older and maybe we are just easier on each other.

Some of the things that do not improve with age…my eye sight, my hearing (at times) are just a couple of things.

Some of the things that really get better with age…good cheese, most wines…good friends and even family. Relationships usually get better over time. Technology gets better in time. The gray in my hair gets maybe not better but certainly greater over time.

I looked at growing older as a milestone. My 40’s have been good to me and in another 8 years you can bring on my 50’s for they will be even better.


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Everybody looks forward to a vacation – break from the normal routine of day-to-day living. I always love the thought of a vacation but usually am looking forward to going home afterwards. I love taking the time away from the norm and attempting to relax.

My dream vacation right now is a Disney Cruise. I think that the Disney Cruise would offer something for all of us separately as well as together. It would not even have to be to a tropical destination but just to have those 5-7 or even 10 days without having to be uber-responsible would be so nice.

Our last vacation started out crazy with the car breaking down and then my darling hubby called a limo to take us. We went to Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, WA. Once we got there and stood in line for check in all was great. We truly had a great time. We played with the kids, we played in the pool, went to the arcade, and even went out to the casino for a few hours but it sure was nice to come home.

While Joe was gone this past summer George, Nikki, and I took the kids camping…that was a fun little vacation even with the minor kid arguments that blow over so quickly. That camping trip was much-needed since our summer was so cold here at home and it was really nice at the campground.

Joe and I would take off, especially when Joey was little, with just a packed diaper bag and be gone for 2 days to where ever we landed but I think in my old age I have gotten too controlling and predictable.

Six years ago when Joe was overseas on the Military plan my mom and I drove to Albuquerque to see Debbie. That was a great vacation but it seemed to never end especially when g’ma and Joey both got really sick and I was ready for my own bed. The visiting was great the getting sick part was not so great. That trip did have some funny moments…like when my mom complained about something and I told her to quit bitching and Veronica ( 2 1/2) piped up with ‘yeah g’ma quit your bitchin’…we still laugh about that one. There was also the quick side trip to see the Grand Canyon that took 2 1/2 hours cause mom wasn’t ready to leave. BTW she was the one wondering why I wanted to see a big hole in the ground but she took 200+ pictures. That same trip driving home we stood on the corner of Winslow Arizona listening to The Eagles. We also drove from Fresno to Ocean Shores in one day because I wanted to be home…we pulled in at 2 am. Nice to sleep in my own bed then.

There are times when we need a vacation from our vacation or we need to get back to work to rest up from our vacation…what ever the case may be, make it the best you can.

Any Job in the World

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What if’s at times in our lives tend to run on the negative side but what if you could have any job in the world? The possibilities are endless. When I was little I wanted to be Barbie…that’s ok you can laugh but really think about it she has everything and great clothes. I really wanted to be a mom and boy is that job A LOT harder than a little girl thinks it could be.

Our local casino is having auditions for a Firefighter Calendar…I could be a professional judge for those kind of events LOL That might get boring after a while. Kids now a days all want to be video game testers but I would not be very good at that I am horrible at video games.

I can’t be a professional Cityville player on Facebook…probably doesn’t pay well anyhow. I know that there are professional bloggers but I am not sure that anyone reads my blog anyhow so that might make it tough to make any money. I could always be a professional student…I wonder how many different degrees I could achieve in my life time?

I’m a pretty good wife but I am not sure what the market is for that outside of my own husband thinking I am priceless. What about an ice cream tester…that would be tasty. I love to sew but I think that I would lose some of the love if I HAD to all the time. I love to cook and I’m not too bad as long as I can use utensils to flip my eggs (whole other story) but not really what I have in mind.

I would make a pretty good party or events planner. That is one thing that I have always enjoyed and am good at. I have been a barista part time…fun but I drank too much coffee and it can get kinda messy. Technology testing would be cool…think of all the fun gadgets you could have first to play with. Jewelry tester would be even better…try it on, wear it to go out…has possibilities. I wonder what the market is like for that? I know several people who would make great professional shoppers, you shop the fun kind of shopping. I would be best at teaching people the most efficient way to grocery shop. I can do Costco in record time and still spend $300, having food for a month. (Record time was 54 minutes from parking to pulling out of the parking spot)

I guess the best job in the world would be one that makes me happy, lets me use my skills, challenge me to some degree, and where I would still be a wife and mom. That would be the perfect job, maybe I already have it.

The Perfect Sunday

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The perfect Sunday would actually see me in church instead of just praying about which church I am being lead to, so far the answer has not come to me but I will not give that search up. Instead I will talk about some great days some were Saturdays while some where Sundays.

I used to love those days, especially when the kids were younger, we would all climb into our queen size bed and watch movies. We would watch old movies and newer movies. We watched a Star Wars Marathon together that way. We have watched back to back Disney movies from Mary Poppins to Toy Story and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. We have watched numerous John Wayne westerns like that, all curled up together. Sometimes we would even pick a random movie and it would be a surprise until it started. Sometimes we would pop popcorn and have snacks, other times we would pause for dinner and then fall asleep together.

Those were great days, fortunately we still have some of those days together. We pick movies and now usually curl up in the living room but we have moments when we all crawl into out room and now the kids will lay on the floor or pull up the computer chair, prop feet on the bed and even the dog has to get in on the action. We still watch some of the same movies but we have added to the collection, Harry Potter and The Twilight Saga. There are times when the boys will be in the living room or upstairs playing games and my daughter and I will curl up and watch a chick flick, she called them huggy huggy kissy kissy movies.

Any day that I can spend with my loved ones is a perfect day to me and it does not just fall on a Sunday. We have these times even in the middle of the week after all is done for the night. For example, right now the boys are watching Pawn Stars, my daughter is playing with her dolls, and here I am writing to you on the computer.

My house and family are settling down for the night and I am looking forward to crawling into my bed and watching a movie with my dear hubby. Have a great night.