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Everyone comes from somewhere, that is just a fact of life. Sometimes we stay and sometimes life takes us away from the old and gives us something new. I grew up in Tacoma, WA. I lived in Tacoma until I was pregnant with my oldest, I was 29, my dearest was a commercial fisherman and gone for many weeks at a time. So I moved to Olympia where my mom and sisters lived.

My dearest and I lived in and around Olympia for about four years when we came to Ocean Shores to stay with his mother so we could buy a house in Yelm (insert eye roll here).  The deal fell through and we in turn fell in love with Ocean Shores.

Standing on the beach and looking west forever gives you the sensation of living at the end of the world…honestly I really think I do at times. I will have to post some pics tomorrow. There is nothing quite like it in the world, at least that I have experienced so far.

Ocean Shores has become our new ‘hometown’ but we both really miss some of the conveinences of true city life. I have to drive 30-35 minutes to Safeway and 35-45 minutes to Wal-Mart. Costco is 1 1/2 hours away to Olympia. The funny thing is, there were times in the city that I would drive 20-30 minutes to go to a specific store but I hate driving to Safeway more than once a week. When we plan a trip into Olympia, Tacoma, or even Seattle we always think about where we want to eat…what do we want that we can’t get at home or even close to home.

We were talking about this same subject with a friend today and how sad it really is that at times there is nothing good to offer here…that really helps to make us feel isolated. So we end up going to Olympia, at least, once a month and we have fun doing it but boy is it nice to come home to a town with no traffic lights.

I remember when Veronica was about 4 years old and we went to Seattle and she asked us how they grow their buildings so tall and can we do that at home. That is truly a small town child.

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The topic today was food and if you could have anything in the world to eat right now what would it be? Ok so this really did nothing to inspire me but I have no problem talking about some of my favorite foods or places.

I love to watch the Food Network…if I can find nothing else on and need the background noise I turn on the Food Channel. There are very few shows on there that I will not at least listen to but there are a few and I will not name them. Many times watching the shows or listening to them I get inspired to cook that item specifically or something similar.

Last night for example they were talking about making cinnamon rolls and I was ready to start making them…it sounded so good at that moment. Other times they fix vegetables in such away that I think that the kids might actually eat them and like them.

There have been times when we have been out and we have decided to try a different restaurant and many times we have enjoyed our dinners and other times not so much. I remember a little truck stop in Tri-Cities, WA that made the best chicken fried steaks. It was so big that it had to come on its own plate, then they served potatoes, eggs, and toast…what a huge meal.

Recently my hubby and I went to breakfast at our local casino and had the worst experience ever. Steak and egg breakfast is only $5.95…the steak was not trimmed up or anything, no flavor and not cooked right. Ordered scrambled eggs and what a mistake that was….really turned me off eating breakfast out for a while.

Many times when we go out we end up at the mexican restaurant or the chinese restaurant eating the same things over and over again…but we like it. There are times that I miss the big city with the variety of restaurants to choose from…maybe someday again.