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If I Could Go Back In Time

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If I could go back in time is one of those questions that we frequesntly ponder. Many times we say that if we could go back we would never marry that person we are now divorced from or we would go back and turn down that one job we hated, or we would go back to that one turn in our proverbial fork in the road that lead us down one path instead of the other. There are many things within my own life that I have considered over the course of life that I would do differently but the more I consider that…I am not so sure that that would be the best after all.

Think about all the the choices that we have made along the path we are taken…true some of our choices are not the greatest but they continue to lead us down the path. I know that my choices that I have made have lead me to where I am right now. If I had chosen the other path I might not have what I have now… my husband, children, or family. I would not go back in time to change my life or really any one persons life at all. I would go back in time to be an observer of history. Sure winning the lottery would be great but really seeing the history that made our country what it is would be so incredible even if for just one day.

Think about the things you could see that you never had the chance. You could go to Times Square and see the famous kiss at the end of WWII, you could go and hear George Washington speak, Lincoln at Gettysburg, Roosevelt in a radio address during the depression, see the 20’s, the civil war, any number of different events with or without historical significance.

While turning back time always sounds like a great idea, I think I will keep the life I have on the path that I am on and hopefully keep making some more good turns.

Challenge today was to let someone know that you appreciate at them…well let me say that I may or may not know you the reader but I do appreciate you reading what I write. Thank you and comments are appreciated too.