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The question for the day…what gives you hope? I would have to say that for me hope can vary from subject to subject. If we are talking about in life in general I would say that hope and faith walk hand in hand…where there is hope there is faith and where there is faith there is always hope. Faith is believing in something that you cannot see, hear, or touch but you know it is there and I really believe that hope is no different. Trust is very similar to both faith and hope. You trust that you will be caught if you fall backwards because you have faith in that other person but you also, at the same time, hope that you are not wrong.

Hope comes in many different forms, the sun breaking through the clouds, the clouds separating out to blue sky during a rain storm. Hope comes with watching your children grow and wanting the best for them in whatever shape that make take. We hope to grow from our mistakes so that we don’t make them again. We hope for strength in times of trouble or weakness. We have faith that we will make it through.

In my opinion hope and faith are a prayer in its most simplest form. Even if you have never prayed in your life you have often hoped and had faith that something would happen or someone would change. Hope is the rainbow at the end of the storm. True sign that the storm has passed for now. May we never lose our hope or our faith.