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Technology is a wonderful thing and it has come so far in just my lifetime alone. I remember when my grandparents got a microwave in the late 70’s. They paid a fortune for an Amana Radar-range the door opened down and had a dial. We would get lectured about standing in front of it when it was on and how the radiation wasn’t good for use…but we then ate what came out of the microwave. We tried to make popcorn in a paper bag once…not so good, left foil on something else once, again not so good. My grandpa even tried to poison us by feeding us a turkey he attempted to do in the Amana…raw on the inside, he told us the outside was fine so we would eat that. I don’t think anyone ate turkey that time.

The microwave would not be the one thing I could live without…it would probably be the computer/internet combination. I like checking the news online and the fact that I get new from everywhere just by turning on the computer. I think that is so great. I like talking to friends and family on Facebook, we get to see pictures of events so much faster with the internet. I like the up to the minute information right at my finger tips. I am also attending college online so without the internet I would end up over an hour away from home with both day and night classes and then all the homework that goes with that. This way I can set my own schedule and do homework when the kids are in school and I lose no time with them.

Yep I really like my computer and internet and not sure what I would do without them after having them for so long. I also like the evolution that our technology has taken in these last 40 years or so. Can’t wait to see what the next 40 bring.