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Any Job in the World

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What if’s at times in our lives tend to run on the negative side but what if you could have any job in the world? The possibilities are endless. When I was little I wanted to be Barbie…that’s ok you can laugh but really think about it she has everything and great clothes. I really wanted to be a mom and boy is that job A LOT harder than a little girl thinks it could be.

Our local casino is having auditions for a Firefighter Calendar…I could be a professional judge for those kind of events LOL That might get boring after a while. Kids now a days all want to be video game testers but I would not be very good at that I am horrible at video games.

I can’t be a professional Cityville player on Facebook…probably doesn’t pay well anyhow. I know that there are professional bloggers but I am not sure that anyone reads my blog anyhow so that might make it tough to make any money. I could always be a professional student…I wonder how many different degrees I could achieve in my life time?

I’m a pretty good wife but I am not sure what the market is for that outside of my own husband thinking I am priceless. What about an ice cream tester…that would be tasty. I love to sew but I think that I would lose some of the love if I HAD to all the time. I love to cook and I’m not too bad as long as I can use utensils to flip my eggs (whole other story) but not really what I have in mind.

I would make a pretty good party or events planner. That is one thing that I have always enjoyed and am good at. I have been a barista part time…fun but I drank too much coffee and it can get kinda messy. Technology testing would be cool…think of all the fun gadgets you could have first to play with. Jewelry tester would be even better…try it on, wear it to go out…has possibilities. I wonder what the market is like for that? I know several people who would make great professional shoppers, you shop the fun kind of shopping. I would be best at teaching people the most efficient way to grocery shop. I can do Costco in record time and still spend $300, having food for a month. (Record time was 54 minutes from parking to pulling out of the parking spot)

I guess the best job in the world would be one that makes me happy, lets me use my skills, challenge me to some degree, and where I would still be a wife and mom. That would be the perfect job, maybe I already have it.