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Time Off

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Had to take a little time off for personal reasons. Part of that was that I was struggling with the writing process.

Well spring has come to the Pacific Northwest and the difference between spring and winter is that the rain is a little warmer. I really shouldn’t complain we have had some beautiful weather soaking up some Vitamin S (sun). Have had windows open a couple of different times this last week…need to get the fresh air in and the winter air out.

The kids started their spring break so they will be home all next week so we have begun the never-ending stream of friends through the house for part of a day or for the night. Have to admit I really don’t mind. Some of their friends you can’t even tell that someone is here.

Started some spring cleaning yesterday with my closet…what a mess. I have a couple of other areas that we will be tackling this week…the kids always enjoy housework. LOL

Think I will check out the breakfast situation. Happy Sunday All!!!


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Have you ever noticed that some people can keep secrets and others cannot? Some of those people you never even really know that they have something to hide but then there are others that you can tell right away that there is something hidden underneath.

The best part about it is that there are a few people in my life that are so transparent and it is so funny. I have been known to keep secrets but I have also unintentionally spilled the beans without realizing what I was doing until it was too late.

Sometimes I think the greatest secret that we keep as parents have to do with the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus. Unfortunately we grow out of “believing” . My kids are split in the belief stage of life. The Tooth Fairy came out through kids that they know. The Easter Bunny has never been a super strong belief because we have always talked about the real reason that we celebrate Easter.

Santa Claus is a whole other story…they both know what we are celebrating during Christmas and they realize that gifts are given out of love and respect for others. So far we have been really good about presents being a surprise, which is good. There are times when we have gone shopping together and then split up. They understand that we buy gifts but they have been surprised every year with a family gift or something that I had already had told them was out of the price range…these come from Santa along with Christmas Stocking gifts…the little treasures of Christmas morning that give mom and dad a little time for coffee before chaos.

There are other secrets that we keep during certain times but I believe that these are the greatest secrets that we keep and we usually keep them for the longest. There are other secrets of life that come out over time…but really why grow up any faster than we really have too?!?!


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Do you ever just want to scream? Admit it there are times when you do, I know that I feel like that sometimes.

Like when you are driving the speed limit on a 2 lane road and someone decides to pass you and then flips you off. WTH Why should I get flipped off for being in the right? Goodness knows it doesn’t happen all that often.

When I am on the phone and someone decides that their question, fight, or problem is more important that the phone call that I am on. Hello, do you not see the phone up to my ear and hear me talking?!?! What do they think that I sit here and talk to myself and pretend I am on the phone?!?!

Or how about when you are loading the dishwasher and someone decides to bring in even more dirty dishes and they won’t even have the courtesy to scrape them first. Really…how would they like that if I did that to them?!

The one I really love is when there is no laundry in the laundry room and the kids come to me and state that they have no clothes. Well it usually helps if you would bring me clothes to wash.

Another favorite is “mom”, “mom”, “mom”….me: “what?” “I love you” She could not have just said “mom, I love you”   AAHHHHHH

How about when you get a phone call and are busy and you can’t get off the phone….then all of a sudden the caller announces that they have to go and they hang up. What????

How about when someone makes a plan with you then changes it at the last-minute or alters the plans to take up a different time when you had another plan. Do I not have a life??????

There are times that I am amazed at the crazy things that make me want to just scream and release all the tension. I don’t normally although there have been a few times but I usually try to combat these events with sarcasm regardless if they get it or not. If I decide to scream I have been told by my son that I don’t need to be so angry, my daughter cries, and my dear hubby is looking for happy pills for me.

It’s all good sometimes Mom is frustrated and has to vent and if the happy pills come in chocolate get me a months supply.


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So the topic given was…what are some of your favorite slang words? Which are overused?

Wow…ok…do I know any slang anymore? Off the top of my head I cannot think of any slang words really. But I can tell you that there are many words that are so overused. The great “F-Bomb” is so overused lately here. It is used as an adjective, noun, adverb, verb…you name it. I am amazed at how that word can be used.

I think of George Carlin and his list of 7 words that you cannot say on television and then think about what we do hear on tv now. True they bleep out the F-Bomb but not really anything less. At night it really isn’t that safe to let your kids watch some channels. Cartoons at night are for adults.

Kids change the words that they use so frequently that I really don’t think that adults are meant to keep up with them or even to know what they are saying. I suppose that text language could be considered a form of slang but there are times that they change with the times.

My personal overused word is ‘whatever’. It means everything and nothing all at the same time. I have used it to get someone to leave me alone, stop talking, tell them off…any number of ways. It is all in the tone of voice.

Better Safe than Sorry

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Sometimes we just need to be better safe than sorry…especially when we are talking about personal safety. When it comes to personal safety I would much rather be safe than sorry later on.

Better Sorry than Safe…sometimes though the opposite is how we need to roll. There are other times we just need to let caution go by the way side, this is usually when I speak my mind or my piece about something. There have been several times that I have been sorry that I had to say what needed to be said and I have lived with the consequences. Unfortunately there are times in our lives when we need to speak out whether for ourselves or for someone else.

It hurts like crazy when you have to speak out and tell a friend they are being an idiot but a true friend will still do it. It also hurts both parties when you have to speak out about family anything…it never fails there are always hurt feelings but sometimes leaving things unsaid is not in everyone’s best interest.

There have also been those times, especially as a mom, that I have told the kids not to do something because they were going to get hurt and sure enough that is what happened. I figured out pretty earlier with my first child that I could not protect him forever but it wasn’t for lack of trying.

Sometimes we all choose to err on the side of caution and other times we just need to get a good grip and jump.


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Everyone comes from somewhere, that is just a fact of life. Sometimes we stay and sometimes life takes us away from the old and gives us something new. I grew up in Tacoma, WA. I lived in Tacoma until I was pregnant with my oldest, I was 29, my dearest was a commercial fisherman and gone for many weeks at a time. So I moved to Olympia where my mom and sisters lived.

My dearest and I lived in and around Olympia for about four years when we came to Ocean Shores to stay with his mother so we could buy a house in Yelm (insert eye roll here).  The deal fell through and we in turn fell in love with Ocean Shores.

Standing on the beach and looking west forever gives you the sensation of living at the end of the world…honestly I really think I do at times. I will have to post some pics tomorrow. There is nothing quite like it in the world, at least that I have experienced so far.

Ocean Shores has become our new ‘hometown’ but we both really miss some of the conveinences of true city life. I have to drive 30-35 minutes to Safeway and 35-45 minutes to Wal-Mart. Costco is 1 1/2 hours away to Olympia. The funny thing is, there were times in the city that I would drive 20-30 minutes to go to a specific store but I hate driving to Safeway more than once a week. When we plan a trip into Olympia, Tacoma, or even Seattle we always think about where we want to eat…what do we want that we can’t get at home or even close to home.

We were talking about this same subject with a friend today and how sad it really is that at times there is nothing good to offer here…that really helps to make us feel isolated. So we end up going to Olympia, at least, once a month and we have fun doing it but boy is it nice to come home to a town with no traffic lights.

I remember when Veronica was about 4 years old and we went to Seattle and she asked us how they grow their buildings so tall and can we do that at home. That is truly a small town child.

No Sleep

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First I have to say that I am impressed…blogs about sleep get a lot of hits. I thought that was kind of interesting.

So the topic was how long have you gone without sleep? I would as probably 36 hours but it could have been longer…I have no recollection. When I was younger going without sleep was no big deal but as I have gotten older I want to sleep every night…no matter what.

In my twenties I worked 2 jobs. I was at the first job by 7:30 am to leave at 4 and be at the next job by 4:30 or 5pm. Worked until 9 and then had to play until closing or some such crazy thing. There were even times that we would hit Denny’s or Shari’s for breakfast before going home for a nap to start all over again. I usually had Friday nights off and would crash big time until Saturday am.

Since those days and having children my sleepless nights have not really been for fun. I was up one night taking a friend to the ER and didn’t get home until 8 am so I took a nap…thank goodness the kids were in school. I have spent sleepless nights with sick kids…those can be the hardest nights.

Hubby and I have had some late night discussions that resulted in no sleep but we never go to bed angry. LOL

There are times when we think that sleep is over rated but I will honestly say that I am all for the over rated right now. Good Night All