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Random Acts of Kindness

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Today I have truly seen acts of kindness in action. A friend here locally lost the majority of her and her children’s possessions due to a house fire. One of our mutual friends started a FB friend to help her put things in her house, as soon as she can find somewhere to live. This group now has about 80 members and people have donated so generously, I know that this is not an example of Random Kindness but it is kindness in a true form.

Random Kindness, I have always thought was the things that we would do without even thinking about it…holding a door, waiting patiently or letting someone ahead of you in the grocery line.

Acts of Kindness can happen between friends, associates, or the like even perfect strangers. I suppose that any act of pure kindness is important whether it is random or not it is still kindness.

I believe that I have seen Kindness in the best form today and I only hope if I was ever in a position similar that I would receive the same kindness. I hope that our dear friend knows how much she is loved by this group of people and I hope that her and her boys are truly blessed through these Acts of Kindness.