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Funny People

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Ever think about what or who makes us laugh the most? When I consider famous people who I think are funny I usually start with Bill Cosby. I think that Bill Cosby’s approach to child rearing is just the greatest. He is just funny, feeding kids chocolate cake for breakfast because it has milk, eggs, butter, and flour…sounds like breakfast to me too.

I also think that George Carlin was a very funny man in a no-nonsense kind of way. Of course he did give us the 7 words that you can’t say on television, but I honestly believe that those words have dwindled down quite a bit within the last 5 years or so. His approach to life helped you see the funny in almost anything.

I like Jeff Dunham and so does my hubby and kids. They love Achmed and Walter. It is so funny as the kids have gotten older they have laughed more and more every time they watch. They have seen the Christmas special so many times they can sing Achmed’s song on their own.

When I think of the people who I know that are funny I can think of many. My son, as he has gotten older, has become really funny. He has asked me for a restraining order against his sister, he asks to trade her in for anything that will leave him alone, he is just developing his sense of humor and it is so great to watch. My daughter is funny as well. She can not hear music without moving…she is a wiggler, dancer, a mover and shaker. She will be watching a movie and if music she likes comes on she is wiggling A LOT.

I really think that everyone I know is funny in their own right. My dear friend is pretty funny but you really have to catch it, she is rather subtle. Her husband on the other hand is pretty funny and not subtle.

They say that laughter is the best medicine in the world and it is truly amazing how a good laugh (or even a bad one) can help put things into perspective.

The Sound of Laughter

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I have no idea what my own laugh sounds like unless of course I have laughed so hard I can’t breathe but that is a whole other subject. I really love the sound of laughter…it sounds so happy, even my daughters little muawhahaha has a giggle at the end. My son has this friend whose laugh is contagious it just makes me smile. Remember the sound of your child’s first laugh when everyone said it was gas? How can something so sweet be meant as gas? I love listening to my kids laugh either together or at each other…it means they are happy.

You know there are famous laughs…Burt Reynolds, Jack Nicholson especially in The Shining, Eddie Murphy, Alan Alda in MASH, Fran Drescher in The Nanny, Dr Evil from the Austin Powers movies just to name a few. Of course there are a gazillion cartoon characters with their very own unique laugh.

Laughter “they” say is the best medicine, has it ever worked for you? It has for me. Sometimes it can change your whole day. Think of how many times a day you either read or type/text the LOL for laugh out loud…but do you really? Really? Think about it sometimes we send that little message but we only smile other times we are actually truly laughing from the heart. Both are good for us but a laugh can burn more calories than a smile any old day.

I know there have been many times that the kids have tripped and it has made me laugh until they tell me that it wasn’t funny yada yada yada. Then they think about it just a bit and then they laugh too. Think about when your kids were little and you would tickle them just to hear their unique laugh. I still do that to my kids, catch them off guard or scratching their back and get them in just the right spot. We all end up laughing then.

I was just watching a show Winter Wipeout and stood there laughing at this people falling into freezing water. Like watching Ninja Warrior on Spike you can’t help but laugh, but some of that is the subtitles. Ever watched a movie that you have seen before and all of a sudden actually heard the funny part? Like trying to retell a joke that you found funny but you start laughing so hard you can’t get the words out!!! That is some of the best medicine.