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Live Forever

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The topic of the day was if you could live forever would you? why or why not? Well I can honestly tell you that I would not want to live forever. It is bad enough, for our own sorrows, that we lose people that we love through the natural course of progression but live past everyone I know, including my children, would not be ideal.

I would much rather live a long life full of love, sorrows, good times, bad times, then to live past all those in my life. I would love to grow old with my husband, children, and grandchildren than live forever. We all will live forever in the stories that we pass down from generation to generation as well as in the hearts of those that we have personally touched and nurtured. That would be perfect for me.

I have been able to share stories with my children that were passed down to me from my great aunts and my grandparents, so those same people live on in our hearts and memories as long as we share the tales we were told. I love recounting the great aunts tales of the Great Depression and how those stories made me feel as a child. I have shared these same stories with my children and she lives on in their hearts as well.

The best way to prolong our own livelihood is to share our stories. Think of where we would be if history was not recorded? The oral and written history lives on in the reader after the teller is gone. The Diary of Anne Frank was just the writings of a young girl during a very trying time but she lives on because of her writings and experiences. Laura Ingalls Wilder also lives on in the stories she wrote of her childhood. Moses lives on in many different types of stories as well as movies because his life was recorded. All of these people will continue to live long after I am gone because their own stories were shared over and over again.

That is how I would want to live forever…