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The Currency Tree

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Ok so if I could have a tree that grew anything I wanted there is that one part that would want it to grow money. Of course there is that other part that doesn’t want to be so materialist but let’s face it money is important and there never seems to be enough to last.

I would not want never-ending or instant grow because then greed gets involved and we all know that greed leads to so many other sins that are far more dangerous. It would be nice if the tree could just help fill in the gaps or blooms when there is a serious need. By serious need I mean like the car breaks down and something has to happen serious kind of need. If it could bloom like a savings account is supposed to that would be great too.

I think that it should also bloom into different denominations in an unpredicable pattern so that you could never rely on it to save your butt when you do something foolish.

The title comes from an old joke with my mother-in-law. We were camping at the property, which was the middle of no where, in the trailer and I commented that something needed to soften before I could use it, for a recipe, she told me that I could put it in the microwave that is plugged into the currency bush. I will tell you that I stopped and actually looked for the microwave before I caught on.