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Sleep or Lack Thereof

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Oh there are many nights that I have trouble sleeping. There was a point when I would fall asleep around 10pm only to wake up at 2am and stay awake til 3-3:30am. Lately I have not fallen asleep until anywhere between 11 and midnight or even later if I really get sucked into a book or a movie.

My mom said that in our 40’s we are full of energy…not sure that it is energy but it is something.

I will fall asleep and then I end up waking up still and have spent up to 2 hours awake. When that happens I can easily sleep until 8 am or later.

What keeps we awake? My books at times…they really suck me in and I have woken up wanting to find out what happens next. I have an occasional nightmare or that “falling” sensation that startles me awake. I suffer from heartburn and that wakes me up many nights so I have to walk around, take some tums, prop up my pillows so I am practically sitting up to hopefully fall back to sleep before day light. Sometimes I think that I stress about things I have no control over in my life while I am sleeping and that causes my heartburn.

I think I have control issues…there is no control when we are sleeping and I guess I don’t like that. I have been known to stay up too late watching a movie and then I start thinking about it. Maybe I just think too much. Is that truly possible? Probably, but is thinking too much a bad thing? I guess that would depend on how we put our thoughts to use after the fact.

I think I will think on this some more and get back to you….

The Perfect Sunday

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The perfect Sunday would actually see me in church instead of just praying about which church I am being lead to, so far the answer has not come to me but I will not give that search up. Instead I will talk about some great days some were Saturdays while some where Sundays.

I used to love those days, especially when the kids were younger, we would all climb into our queen size bed and watch movies. We would watch old movies and newer movies. We watched a Star Wars Marathon together that way. We have watched back to back Disney movies from Mary Poppins to Toy Story and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. We have watched numerous John Wayne westerns like that, all curled up together. Sometimes we would even pick a random movie and it would be a surprise until it started. Sometimes we would pop popcorn and have snacks, other times we would pause for dinner and then fall asleep together.

Those were great days, fortunately we still have some of those days together. We pick movies and now usually curl up in the living room but we have moments when we all crawl into out room and now the kids will lay on the floor or pull up the computer chair, prop feet on the bed and even the dog has to get in on the action. We still watch some of the same movies but we have added to the collection, Harry Potter and The Twilight Saga. There are times when the boys will be in the living room or upstairs playing games and my daughter and I will curl up and watch a chick flick, she called them huggy huggy kissy kissy movies.

Any day that I can spend with my loved ones is a perfect day to me and it does not just fall on a Sunday. We have these times even in the middle of the week after all is done for the night. For example, right now the boys are watching Pawn Stars, my daughter is playing with her dolls, and here I am writing to you on the computer.

My house and family are settling down for the night and I am looking forward to crawling into my bed and watching a movie with my dear hubby. Have a great night.

Something I’ve Never Told Anyone

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So the topic is to write about something I have never told anyone…most of my life is an open book. People that I know care about me and people I trust know just about everything there is to know about me. Recently I did let a feeling be known that had been harboring in me for probably 30 years and let me tell you that did not turn out too well. For the most part I was disowned for my feelings by a sibling and have had to come to terms with that. So there are times telling things is not always good. But…

I can think of somethings that I never really share…when I was in 4th grade I loved Shaun Cassidy and had all the records, yes I said records as in vinyl. I like the BeeGees, Elvis, the Beach Boys, old movies, and old tv shows. I like the movie “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”. I used to watch Perry Mason and see if I could solve the case before Perry. I used to watch “Gone With The Wind” twice a year, “The Ten Commandments” once a year as well as “The Wizard of Oz”. I have NEVER seen all of “The Sound of Music”. When I was a teenage girl I, and all my friends, thought all boys should wear purple Calvin Klein underware, thank you “Back to the Future”. I like spaghetti westerns. I have read “The Godfather” Books and wanted to be a mafia princess, you get mad at your husband and you go to daddy…end of problem.

I still called my mom mommy when I was 10…she was a mommy. I HATE lima beans with a passion and pick them out of food. I messed up in high school and took 7 credits my last semester so I could graduate on time. I married the first time for all the wrong reasons. My ex was abusive and so was his son and it was allowed but not by me.

My dear hubby, Joe, is a wonderful husband and father. he is truly everything a husband should be to a wife. My children are my everything. These are three people I would protect with my life. My life is far from perfect…but I think perfect maybe over rated.