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I have always enjoyed music and it has always been present in my life even as a child. I remember my mom had a huge console stereo with a radio, turntable, and an 8 track tape player…yes I am showing my age. We listened to great music, Elvis, The Eagles, The Bee Gees, The Beach Boys, and Neil Diamond, yep some real classics. I have to tell you that I still love that music, it’s cheerful and happy. You can’t help but want to sing along or move.

None of that is house cleaning music though…to clean house I always pick the soundtrack to Grease, it keeps me on task and moving. Over the years we have accumulated many CD’s, Joe likes things like the Blues Brothers and the Blues Brothers 2000. We listen to a lot of classic rock on the radio. It’s funny how much of that we really know. We also love to watch VH1 Classic.

Our kids love music, all kinds of music. Ronie really likes pop and hip-hop style while Joey is a little more into Alan Jackson. Joey likes to sing along with the music when it comes on and Ronie has to dance to EVERYTHING that comes on. If we are watching movies and a song she likes comes on she is dancing and wiggling like crazy.

Joe likes to listen to music and then ask me who it is or the name of the song…like I really know. There are only a few artists that I can actually recognize by sound and one of them is Pink Floyd, those that know me are shaking their heads. There are a few of the one hit wonders that I can remember but usually I come back with “some big hair band from the 80’s” as my standing answer. Many other times I tell him I know that song, because I usually do, and then when he tells me who is singing it I come back with “I knew that, I was just testing you”.

Occasionally we will watch on of those music documentaries on VH1…those are pretty interesting. A couple of weeks ago it was on KISS and I realized that I would not have known Gene Simmons if he had walked up to me on a street corner without the make up. You can roll your eyes at that one…it’s ok. I found that to be kind of funny myself.

I guess all I am trying to say is…enjoy your music whether it is some awesome Christian Rock, Gospel, Ole Blue Eyes himself, Dean Martin, The King of Rock, The King of Pop, or Showtunes…enjoy it.