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No Sleep

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First I have to say that I am impressed…blogs about sleep get a lot of hits. I thought that was kind of interesting.

So the topic was how long have you gone without sleep? I would as probably 36 hours but it could have been longer…I have no recollection. When I was younger going without sleep was no big deal but as I have gotten older I want to sleep every night…no matter what.

In my twenties I worked 2 jobs. I was at the first job by 7:30 am to leave at 4 and be at the next job by 4:30 or 5pm. Worked until 9 and then had to play until closing or some such crazy thing. There were even times that we would hit Denny’s or Shari’s for breakfast before going home for a nap to start all over again. I usually had Friday nights off and would crash big time until Saturday am.

Since those days and having children my sleepless nights have not really been for fun. I was up one night taking a friend to the ER and didn’t get home until 8 am so I took a nap…thank goodness the kids were in school. I have spent sleepless nights with sick kids…those can be the hardest nights.

Hubby and I have had some late night discussions that resulted in no sleep but we never go to bed angry. LOL

There are times when we think that sleep is over rated but I will honestly say that I am all for the over rated right now. Good Night All