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Better With Age

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We will go back and listen to “they”…because “they” say that things get better with age. Do we honestly believe that because things do not necessarily get easier with age. I am by no means “old” but what is truly “old”?

I remember when I was 5 and my grandma was about 50 and I thought she was old. When my mom reached 50 I thought she was still young and now my oldest step-brother has turned 50 and he really isn’t old at all. I am 42 so truthfully 50 isn’t all that far away but I am not “old”. I have noticed that there are things that I cannot do as easy as I did when I was 30 but that happens. There are other things that I believe I have gotten better at….I can certainly hold my temper better but still not my tongue. I have more patience now then I did even 5 years ago. I think I am a better mom now than 5 years ago but my kids are older and maybe we are just easier on each other.

Some of the things that do not improve with age…my eye sight, my hearing (at times) are just a couple of things.

Some of the things that really get better with age…good cheese, most wines…good friends and even family. Relationships usually get better over time. Technology gets better in time. The gray in my hair gets maybe not better but certainly greater over time.

I looked at growing older as a milestone. My 40’s have been good to me and in another 8 years you can bring on my 50’s for they will be even better.