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Reality TV

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I have watched some reality tv but I have become pretty selective. I prefer the Food Network Chopped, Challenge, Next Iron Chef, and Next Food Network Star. I am not a fan of Survivor (gasp) in fact I have never watched a single episode (double gasp, I’m sure). I don’t Idol, or Dance or whatever else they do on tv for entertainment. I don’t really care who gets married or how old they both are. I did watch the Apprentice for a while but then it just got to be too much for me. The best thing about the Apprentice was the information that came out of every episode, real true life business knowledge from business leaders around the world.

Now if I were to have my own reality tv show it would be boring…A Day in My Life…there is not that much everyday stuff at this point. Unless, of course, you count the puking child last night and again today, yep same child. Who wants to watch that on tv? There are the days that might make for funny tv but not like the days when Joe was overseas, now that would make for great tv…A Day in the Life of a Military Wife. Those were hectic times.

We have a dear family friend whose husband is currently deployed and she has had to have the boys shovel snow (back east of course), been back and forth to many activities with her boys, not to mention the fact that she homeschools…now that is a reality.

We have many local friends that home school in one fashion or another and I will tell you they really have what it takes. If I were to home school the only reality tv that would be would be me pulling out my hair. I do not have the patience for that. We have enough trouble sometimes with just getting their homework done in a timely fashion. My daughter has taken 2 hours to do 20 math problems and wanted a break after the first one. That is one reality that I am not up to the challenge of at this point in time.