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Favorite Sounds

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Have you ever just sat and listened to the sounds around you? Everyone has a sound that they just love to hear, sometimes there are several different sounds that you really love to hear.

I love the sound of silence, when either the kids are in bed and the house is peaceful or the time in the morning before they are up. These times do not come as often as they should but when they do happen they are to be cherished. Our backyard is on the golf course here at the beach and there can be nothing better than to get up in the morning, get that first cup of coffee, and step outside to the quiet of the morning…truly a gift from God. The sound of my children’s laughter is one of the greatest sounds that I hear. Living at the beach you can tell so much by the sound of the surf, even at our house. The pounding of the surf when a storm is off shore brings the birds inland. The calm, quiet, gentle roll of the surf on a mild day is relaxing and soothing.

Honestly though I would say that as a true Pacific Northwestern my absolute favorite sound is the sound of the rain. I love to listen to rain outside. Laying in bed to hear the gentle rain or the heavy pounding is just wonderful. I have never felt as safe as I do laying in bed with the rain pounding down. The different types of rain of course sound different, the drizzle that we get so often here you only hear if you open the door and even then it takes a car going down the street to know that it is wet outside. There are the storms that come sometimes out of no where that pound against the house with full force of wind as well.

The storms can be crazy, one minute you are hearing just the average rain and the next the rain is pounding against the side of the house and the windows like it is trying to come in for dinner. We often get sideways rain here at the beach, horizontal going with the wind. The wind and rain combined with the sound of the pounding surf is so comforting after all these years.

Next time it rains, regardless of where you are, close your eyes and just listen…you’ll be amazed at what you hear.