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The topic that was posted for today was to write about the smallest thing around you. OK…now what? I could write about how the dust here at the beach accumulates so much that you have to dust daily. I could write about how the dog, a beagle, sheds so much that after just a week you could have a whole wig for a beagle. That would probably be the extent of my writing tonight then.

Instead…there are many things in life that give us happiness. Yesterday, of instance, I got a freebie in the mail for my youngest nephew. It was a Weeble. I had to open it and I put it on my desk and tried to knock it over. It just made me happy. I think that some of the happiness came from the fact that it was free and it actually came in the mail after all. I have been getting some freebies in the mail but never as many as I request or sign up for and that can be disappointing.

A couple of weekends ago Veronica and I went yard sailing and had so much fun. I found a Boyd’s Bear Resin figurine that my mom collects and a cute little angel figurine that sits next to my laptop.

Being able to go through boxes in the garage or in storage I have been finding little treasures…it is almost like Christmas. Things that have been put away for so long that they seem like new now. It can make me so happy.

Sometimes the littlest thing can make us the happiest or frustrate us the most, like the dust and dog hair.