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Ok…so tonights subject was the worst teacher I ever had and I can honestly say that I do not remember having any horrible teachers but I remember having teachers that did not have much of a sense of humor but there were others that were wonderful.

One of my teachers that I remember…I believe I was a Junior in High School and for the 1st semester of US history I had Mr. Offut, Kirby Offut. He talked about the military and how he could booby trap the class and we would never know it. He was tall, thin, and loud. Fortunately for me he also had a sense of humor. He explained to us that he never gives anything higher than a C for mid-term and rarely gave those and that he never gave A’s at the end of the semester. He also would not expect an “I don’t know” if you were called on, we were not supposed to raise our hands either. He would rather have a wrong answer than no answer at all. So here we were and he asked what we knew about the Boston Tea Party…called on me. First thing out of my mouth was “Nothing I wasn’t invited” Needless to say that I got a lot of laughs from the class and an A- at the end of the semester. Turns out that my uncle, who is 20 years older than I am, had this same teacher for US History in 1966 at a different high school. My uncle also said that he had not changed in those 20 years.

I remember Ms. Hitchens, who was my teacher at Geiger Elementary when my step-dad died. I remember Ms. Parsons and Mrs. Joy, Jr High english teachers. Mrs Pratt my high school english teacher that pushed me to reach my potential. Mr. Kovac, I think I spelled that right, Jr High Algebra. Oh there were so many that I remember and remember them for how they touched my life.

Teaching is the hardest profession in the world, in my opinion, with some of the greatest rewards. Thank you for what you have done and continue to do.