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Sleep or Lack Thereof

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Oh there are many nights that I have trouble sleeping. There was a point when I would fall asleep around 10pm only to wake up at 2am and stay awake til 3-3:30am. Lately I have not fallen asleep until anywhere between 11 and midnight or even later if I really get sucked into a book or a movie.

My mom said that in our 40’s we are full of energy…not sure that it is energy but it is something.

I will fall asleep and then I end up waking up still and have spent up to 2 hours awake. When that happens I can easily sleep until 8 am or later.

What keeps we awake? My books at times…they really suck me in and I have woken up wanting to find out what happens next. I have an occasional nightmare or that “falling” sensation that startles me awake. I suffer from heartburn and that wakes me up many nights so I have to walk around, take some tums, prop up my pillows so I am practically sitting up to hopefully fall back to sleep before day light. Sometimes I think that I stress about things I have no control over in my life while I am sleeping and that causes my heartburn.

I think I have control issues…there is no control when we are sleeping and I guess I don’t like that. I have been known to stay up too late watching a movie and then I start thinking about it. Maybe I just think too much. Is that truly possible? Probably, but is thinking too much a bad thing? I guess that would depend on how we put our thoughts to use after the fact.

I think I will think on this some more and get back to you….