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So today I was reading The DailyPost here on WordPress to see what the topic was today and I saw a whole thread of conversation of people not liking the topics of the day but there were very few that offered alternative topics. I can honestly say that I don’t always like the topic of the day but I have been putting my on spin on it. In my classes there are usually questions to be answered within the paper itself giving a starting point. It is everything that happens after that initial starting point that makes every paper or post unique. That is the point.

Yesterday, for example, the topic was how you entertain yourself…honestly that was boring to me. How many people want to read that I Facebook, crochet doll clothes for my daughter or read a book to entertain myself…BORING. So instead I talked about how my kids have always been able to entertain themselves, that is far more to my liking then boring the world with my little bits about me. I love writing about my kids…they do the craziest things everyday.

So if my vote counts I kinda like the topics even and especially when I put my own spin on them. Bring them on and enjoy my thoughts for they are very random.

Now, today’s topic what do you want to be remembered for??? My first thought was that it was a loaded question. LOL There are some, and I will agree to a point, that will say I will be remembered for being a bitch plain and simple. There are others that will say I was a very caring person, fun to be around, and all around nice person. My kids will say I was the best mom ever…they tell me that everyday and I love them bunches and bunches or as we say in my family ‘more than chicken poop’. I would like to be remembered by those that truly know me as a good friend, but again there are a few that will disagree. I have tried over the years to be a good daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, friend, and many other titles too numerous to list, I believe that I have succeeded at maintaining that overall. We all stumble and fall not to mention make mistakes but that is all part of life. When I remember people who have passed through my life I have tried to remember the positive but unfortunately not everyone that passes through our life brings us a positive experience. When that happens try to think of at least something that is not negative can keep moving through live. That is about the best we can do. As Dory says in Finding Nemo…’just keep swimming, just keep swimming.’