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Wow truth as a topic…ok. In the movie “A Few Good Men” Jack Nicholson said, “You want truth, you can’t handle the truth” I wonder how true that really is. Truth has so many meanings, Jesus is referred to as Truth in the Bible. Is truth what you know, what you see, or how you feel about something?

I believe that truth is very perception based, what one has experienced or felt is known as truth to them but others may question that same experience or feeling and even go so far as stating that your truth is not actual truth. Does that necessarily make one person right and the other wrong? I don’t believe so, perception can influence many different factors throughout our life.

Would you rather be told the truth or not? That depends I guess on the teller and the receiver. Sometimes being told the truth is not all bad other times it can be very hurtful when hurt could have been avoided. Truth can vary from time to time and event to event. It is amazing, you can put 5 people in the same room to experience the same things and each one will tell a different series of event based on personal experience. Does that make one person right and four wrong? or does it make four people right and one wrong? Can they all be right? Of course they can, they could not all have been standing in the exact same spot, looking the same direction, and hearing the same thing. Everyone takes something different from every single life experience regardless of how many people were there at the same time.

Truth can be very powerful…it can hurt…it can heal. We should all remember that everyone has a different truth and no one truth is wrong or right.