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Everybody looks forward to a vacation – break from the normal routine of day-to-day living. I always love the thought of a vacation but usually am looking forward to going home afterwards. I love taking the time away from the norm and attempting to relax.

My dream vacation right now is a Disney Cruise. I think that the Disney Cruise would offer something for all of us separately as well as together. It would not even have to be to a tropical destination but just to have those 5-7 or even 10 days without having to be uber-responsible would be so nice.

Our last vacation started out crazy with the car breaking down and then my darling hubby called a limo to take us. We went to Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, WA. Once we got there and stood in line for check in all was great. We truly had a great time. We played with the kids, we played in the pool, went to the arcade, and even went out to the casino for a few hours but it sure was nice to come home.

While Joe was gone this past summer George, Nikki, and I took the kids camping…that was a fun little vacation even with the minor kid arguments that blow over so quickly. That camping trip was much-needed since our summer was so cold here at home and it was really nice at the campground.

Joe and I would take off, especially when Joey was little, with just a packed diaper bag and be gone for 2 days to where ever we landed but I think in my old age I have gotten too controlling and predictable.

Six years ago when Joe was overseas on the Military plan my mom and I drove to Albuquerque to see Debbie. That was a great vacation but it seemed to never end especially when g’ma and Joey both got really sick and I was ready for my own bed. The visiting was great the getting sick part was not so great. That trip did have some funny moments…like when my mom complained about something and I told her to quit bitching and Veronica ( 2 1/2) piped up with ‘yeah g’ma quit your bitchin’…we still laugh about that one. There was also the quick side trip to see the Grand Canyon that took 2 1/2 hours cause mom wasn’t ready to leave. BTW she was the one wondering why I wanted to see a big hole in the ground but she took 200+ pictures. That same trip driving home we stood on the corner of Winslow Arizona listening to The Eagles. We also drove from Fresno to Ocean Shores in one day because I wanted to be home…we pulled in at 2 am. Nice to sleep in my own bed then.

There are times when we need a vacation from our vacation or we need to get back to work to rest up from our vacation…what ever the case may be, make it the best you can.